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Welcome to TutorWizard, an AP/College gateway STEM resource education portal and network for students, teachers and tutors. In addition to focusing on platform freshman science and engineering skills, mentoring and work skills resources are included to provide a balanced professional skill development environment in demand by employers. Critical hard and soft skill strategies for working in STEM careers will be emphasized on this website.

Please help improve this site by making free use of plentiful comments at the bottom of posts and pages so that I can rate resources and remove those ranked low. Thanks

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Feel free to use the SEARCH page to browse selected academic resources in the links used by Google custom search engines and the STRATEGIES for detailed actions you can immediately use in your professional career. Sites were selected based on the quality of the sites to provide usable resources for student learning.
Faculty and students free free to contribute to the BLOG any academic posts that enhance the learning experience of our science students.

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